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How much does Tweetiator cost?

After your thirty day free trial it’s just $4.95 a month.

What are my options for email alerts?

You can receive them in real-time, daily, or never.

Is Tweetiator compatible with all browsers and operating systems?


Will the Tweetiator tracking code work on any site or blog?

Yes. Any web destination that you cut and paste JavaScript into is compatible with Tweetiator.

Does installing Tweetiator Tracker impact the performance of my site?

On a normally architected and functioning site it should not have any effect on performance or user experience.

What is Tweetiator’s privacy policy?

Tweetiator only shares your personally identifiable information (your Twitter user name) with the owner of the content you have shared. We don't aggregate or share it with anyone else.

How can I get help with Tweetiator, my Tweetiator account, or anything else Tweetiator-related?

Please feel free to email the Tweetiator Support Team at support@tweetiator.com.

Will Tweetiator make my butt look large in a bathing suit?

No, but with Tweetiator you will know who has been sharing pictures of you in a bathing suit so that you can have a bit of a discussion with them.